100% Hands On!

5:1 - Student-Teacher Ratio

Over 12 "Real-World" practicals

Be honest & truthful.

Conduct yourself in the highest ethical manner. 

Value others and yourselves with devotion.

The principle structure of moral value and fervent virtue.

A duty to declaration, others, and ourselves.

We're committed to our students. 



(One of our graduates describing his experience)

Mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, & withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.​

Meet the demands of your profession when it is hazardous, demanding, or otherwise difficult.

We offer Day & Night classes, as well as flexible payment options. Come by for a tour and see what we can do for you!

At Alabama Pipe Welders Academy, our primary goal is our students success. We understand everyone has a life outside of school, and we try our best to work with our students to accommodate their schedule to make going back to school possible. Whether it be scheduling issues or financial issues, we want to help. We are Veteran Owned & Operated, so we understand it takes sacrifice to achieve greatness.   

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Day Class: 12pm - 5 pm

Night Class: 5pm - 10pm