​​Who Can Apply?Applicants who are registered MOWA and have a roll card

How Does It Work?  Qualifying applicants can receive up to $3,500 towards their tuition.

How Do I Apply?  Contact the Inter-Tribal Council at 334-262-4105 for further information.

Inter-Tribal Council of Alabama

​​Who Can Apply?  Alabama residents who are considered low income OR have been laid off

How Does It Work?  The WIOA Grant is free money that covers MOST of the tuition. After you're accepted for the grant, you owe $4,875 on the tuition*. You either pay that up front or you can take it out as a loan through our partnering finance company*.

How Do I Apply?  Complete the application process in the Enrollment Tab. Once you are accepted, you can take your acceptance letter to the Alabama Career Center of your choice