Meritize offers loans based on a variety of facors, including transcripts and previous learning experience.

Meritize takes academic achievements into consideration in order to offer opportunities to students who don't qualify for traditional loans.


Financing Options

Who Can Apply?Alabama residents who are considered low income OR have been laid off

How Does It Work?The WIOA Grant is free money that covers MOST of the tuition. After you're accepted for the grant, you owe $4,875 on the tuition*. You either pay that up front or you can take it out as a loan through our partnering finance company*.

How Do I Apply?Go to the APWA office (715 Saint Emanuel St. Mobile, AL 36603) to get your acceptance letter. Then take that letter to the Mobile Career Center

*See the Equipment List page for important information about your tools

*A processing fee will be added to the cost of the loan

Pay half the tuition up front, and you're guaranteed a loan for the other half*

Make monthly payments while in school and pay the rest when you graduate

The down payment guarantees acceptance for the loan

*A processing fee will be added to the cost of the loan